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The varieties we are currently offering are

  • Tsechelidis
  • Hayward
  • Season Availablity

    Harvesting season for the kiwi is during October and November. By implementing strict control during harvesting and ensuring the best conditions during storage, we preserve the fruits healthy even until May.


    We closely cooperate with the farmers throughout the procedure - cultivation, growth, harvest - providing our expertise in order to secure premium quality produce suitable for storage.
    Harvesting is implemented by skilled crews, who pick the delicate KIWI with utmost care and place it in our special boxes.


    KIWI are stored in state-of-the-art refrigerating storage facilities. The temperature and storage conditions are constantly monitored in order to maintain harvest freshness and high quality standards, throughout the whole storage period, in compliance with European and international regulations. The KIWI is ready to be shipped anytime, anywhere in the world.


    Packing is carried out by our trained personnel with the use of modern innovative technology in order to meet the requirements of each client.
    Our company currently processes 1,500,000 kgr kiwi fruit per year from 60 farmers, while annually increasing the volume in order to meet the rapidly growing demands of our clients

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    Varieties of kiwi

    Τhe varieties of kiwi that we offer are the following:

    • Tsechelidis
    • Hayward

    Where do we store our products

    Kiwi are stored in state of the art refrigerating facilities with conditions that preserve them fresh and ready to be shipped wherever you need them,anytime.

    Where can you find us

    Our facilities are located in Greece. But you can always contact us via our social networks or our email.

    Where do we ship to

    Our constantly expanding exporting network consists of countries located in Europe, Asia and Africa.